Meet the Board

Photo of Bill Gupton

Bill Gupton, President

I am the Senior Minister at the Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church in Anderson Township, where I have served for the past 15 years. My wife, Jennifer Sanders, and I are the proud parents of Patrick, who is majoring in Ecological Engineering at Ohio State. Being good stewards of the earth and its resources is a value we hold dear in our family. To that end, creating a natural burial sanctuary in the Cincinnati area has been a dream of mine for some time. Now, with the help and hard work of an outstanding Board, other volunteers and financial supporters, we are moving closer to making Heritage Acres a reality. I am excited to bring my passion for green burial to fruition at last–to serve our community, and our environment.

Photo of Donna Buckley

Donna Buckley, Vice-President

I have worked in pediatric clinical research for 38 years at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. It has been a rewarding career and it is now time to retire. I plan to start my next phase of life by devoting time and energy to my passions of family and the environment. It is very important to me to leave my children and grandchildren with a healthy planet, a thriving natural environment, and a good example of stewardship. What could be better than knowing that my molecules and energy are being returned to the earth – hopefully into a tree or wildflower? And with Heritage Acres Memorial Sanctuary, there will be the added bonus of establishing a nature preserve!

Laura Knight

I am a solution finder for complex challenges, who has spent my career driven to find innovations, efficiencies and collaboration through innovative and artful project management and startup. I bring experience getting big things accomplished to Heritage Acres. I enjoy taking a process or project and engaging stakeholders from multiple perspectives, helping them feel inspired and engaged to find magic. I believe that this magic, in all aspects of life, is what fuels people’s passion to collaborate and become part of something bigger than themselves. Heritage Acres, to me, is all these things and more. I am fueled by my passion to help lay a solid foundation for the bright future of green burial and nature preservation here in the Tri-State.

David Spinney

I have worked for 40 years in local government management, and throughout my career I have strived to guide decisions that work with the natural environment, not in spite of the environment. I seek to live my personal life the same way. It is a privilege to participate in helping to establish a natural burial alternative in the Cincinnati area, and I am grateful to be able to serve our community by serving on the Heritage Acres Board.

Robert James

As a longtime practitioner of earth-centered spirituality, I am interested in and have been working to further more holistic and natural lifestyles. The creation of a green burial space will permit us to return to the more traditional burial practices “as nature intended.” It is my pleasure and my honor to work toward that end!

Jeff Syroney

As the Vice President of Innovation + Story at Wonderlust Collective, Jeff is a seasoned market researcher and strategist with extensive national and international experience. Along with multiple entrepreneurship and innovation awards, he brings to his work a spirit of creativity, flexibility, and sense of humor, which will be great asset to the Heritage Acres team. You may also recognize him as the co-founder of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival, an annual celebration of art, innovation, and creativity now in its 16th year.