Tree Planting Day!

by | Nov 15, 2020 | Environment, Land Update, Volunteer

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The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The second best time is now. -Chinese Proverb

Who doesn’t love trees? From the spacious and majestic to the floral and fragrant to the glossy and deep green, trees inspire us to stop, look up into the sky, and dream. These days, so many of us have our heads down, looking into screens, getting our work done, watching our steps, or thinking about all the turmoil that exists in the world right now. Trees ask us to look up and reconnect with the beauty that surrounds us. They want to be seen!

So, on the crisp, sunny Saturday morning of October 17th, a group of 25 spirited and dedicated volunteers, led by our Land Steward Patrick Sanders, arrived at Heritage Acres to plant trees! Carefully and strategically placed along the borders of the sanctuary’s landscape, 151 new, young trees in 18 different species are now poised to grow and bloom for all to enjoy for many years to come. These trees will contribute to the diverse ecosystems already teeming near the pond, in the meadow, and all along the inviting forest edges. This important work could never be achieved without the gracious assistance from our volunteers and individuals who donated trees, and to all of you, we say THANK YOU!

Here is the list of new trees that now call Heritage Acres home: American Hazelnut, American Plum, Black Walnut, Buttonbush, Butternut, Cornelian Cherry Dogwood, Elderberry, Flowering Dogwood, Gingko, Northern Red Oak, Persimmon, Pin Oak, Redbud, Red Maple, Scarlet Oak, Serviceberry, Shingle Oak, Witchhazel.

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