You’re Starting a What?

by | Nov 11, 2017 | Articles

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We are often asked, “You’re starting a what…”?
    Natural burial, commonly referred to as “green burial,” is still a new concept to many Americans, although it is the way most people (including Americans) have been buried throughout human history. If you happen to be talking about Heritage Acres to friends, relatives, neighbors or co-workers during the upcoming holiday season – and we hope you are – here is a simple way to explain what we’re all about:
    Natural burial is the burial of a person without three things that are routinely used in American burials today – embalmingmetal (as in a casket), and concrete (as in a burial vault). Another way to look at it is that, in a green burial, nothing goes into the ground that is not biodegradable. Everything that goes into the earth – including the body of the deceased – is able to naturally become part of earth once again. No pesticides or herbicides are used above the ground, either. Think organic. The natural habitat is allowed to remain, well – natural.
    If you’d like to quote the mission of Heritage Acres (and again, we hope you will), at the Thanksgiving table, here it is: “Heritage Acres Memorial Sanctuary will be the first and only dedicated natural burial ground in the Cincinnati area, providing natural burial of people, pets and cremains.”
    And of course, we really hope you will share our website over the holiday with at least one person who has not heard of us before. Proudly send them to
    Thank you for your support – and for spreading the word about Heritage Acres.